Find All of Your Missouri Made Local Craft Goods Here

Local jams, produce, snacks and crafts in La Monte, MO

You can depend on Little Red Shed Country Market to provide all of your favorite Missouri Made products in La Monte, MO.

We offer a broad selection that includes:

Local craft goods
Local snacks and treats
Local fruits and veggies
Local jams and jelly

You can discover artisanal crafts from local Missouri vendors and try them for yourself. Our Missouri Made products are an easy way for you to explore the Show-Me State and support its diverse local businesses, without ever leaving your home.

Visit us today to purchase your jar of Missouri Made local jam, and learn more about our commitment to supporting local businesses.

Our community is our #1 priority

When you step inside our country store, you may notice a cork board with a food receipts posted on it. We've paired with the La Monte Methodist Church to create the Meal Board Program, a food donation service.

Here's how it works:

1. You choose and pay for a meal for someone else
2. We attach your meal receipt to our meal board
3. A person in need of a meal pulls off your ticket
4. The person collects that meal without having to pay

This is just another small way that we're working to uplift our town. Help us support our community by purchasing Missouri Made products, artisanal, local craft goods or tasty, hot meals at the Little Red Shed Country Market.

Contact us now to learn how you can donate a meal for this special program.